I have a lot of photos in my backlog that have never and may never see the light of day. Because the most fulfilling part of my process is being out in nature with my camera, I tend to take more photos than I have time to select, edit, curate, and share. When I return home from the field, I am often giddy with excitement. I am compelled to capture that excitement and work on them right away, but at the same time I feel a little guilty because I "should" be working on the older images in my backlog, many of which I was just as excited about after I took them.
This causes me a fair amount of discomfort, because my backlog never gets smaller and I want to share natural beauty and my current artistic vision with the world!
Many times I have thought "Why not just work on what you're excited about? Art is messy and passionate!" First, my personal disposition is quite analytical, systematic, and process-oriented (I surprise myself that I am an artist at all). Second, I don't think I would get much done, and what I do get done would likely be less "effective" than I would prefer.
All of that being said, I thought of an experiment to try. I've made this section of my website to act as a sort of "release valve" to relieve some of this artistic pressure. We'll see where it goes in practice, but the idea is to have a place that has "permission" to be a little messy and unpolished. I may not come up with titles, my posting schedule may vary, the photos I select won't be in any particular order, and so on.
For me, it will feel good to publish snippets of my current sensibilities. For you, there will be new photos more regularly, as well as a little glimpse into my mind and process.
The dates under each image are when they were posted here, not when they were captured.
Check back regularly for updates!