Quiet people, places, and moments have meaningful things to say, but such is the way of the world that the louder and bolder tend to get more attention. I am decidedly a quiet person, preferring to be sure of what I say rather than speak too soon. Thus, I have found a kinship with the natural world, where quiet places and moments are much more common than in humanity - not just audibly, but in terms of being uninterested in attention-grabbing. I admire that the natural world has no ego to feed.
This collection showcases images with gentle features, such as soft light, pastel colors, smooth shapes, and simple subjects, in order to serve as a platform for the quiet ones whose important messages are not always heard.
Updated: 2024-04-19

Riparian Rainbow


In the Neighborhood


Invasion of Privacy



Sacred Stillness

Light Within


Low Fantasy

Two Pair

Losing the Light

This is my Great Smoky Mountains photo. There are many like it but this one is mine.

Keeps on Giving


Rightly So

Out of Left Field

Waves of Particles


Cryonic Harvest

Looking Back with Fondness

Mono No Aware




Canyon Colors

Just Chillin'

Caring for Life

Only Half Awake

Context and Contents

High Light