As much as I enjoy traveling and seeing new things, I believe it is important to explore local areas. In addition to causing less pollution, visiting local areas gives more opportunities to form deep connections with nature. I consider some of the subjects in these images to be my friends - I visit them as often as I can and I see them in a variety of conditions year after year.
The upper midwest is a wonderful place to go outside, although it seems to fly under the radar. There aren't national parks here and it is not a popular tourist destination. However, after seeing its quiet beauty season after season, I feel a yearning to show it off at its best.
The following photographs were made with care in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan - places where I feel at home.
Updated: 2022-03-23


Winter Weave

Mighty Oak

On Such A Winter's Day

Blinding White



Deep Cold

Toughened Up

Cold Frothy One

Brought Out

Natural FX

Spin Cycle

Cheer Up



Starting Something

Fantastic Voyage

Serenity Now


Rain Light


Flaky Crust

We've Got This

All the World's A Stage

Just A Moment

Conditions for Color

Mono No Aware

'Zen State

The Fallen