I believe that regularly feeling a sense of awe and wonderment is an essential ingredient to living a good life.
The best way for me (and I suspect for most people) to continually feel these elevated feelings is to cultivate the appreciation of the natural events that occur every day. Of course, big and bold events like an incredible sunset, a colorful rainbow, a powerful weather system, or a divine celestial event are reliable ways to feel awe, but I contend that chasing only these events will lead to a lot of disappointment due to their rarity. Therefore, we should also work on developing a sense of awe at more mundane things like the shape of a gorgeous tree, an interesting play of light, the way a plant thrives in harsh conditions, or ancient geology. If we can do that, our lives with be richer for it.
The photographs in this gallery represent moments where my spirits lifted, my heart-rate increased, and I could do nothing but focus on what was unfolding in front of me.
Updated: 2024-04-19

Amor Fati

Depth of Experience

Wilderness Medicine

Growing Shadows

The Practice

That Natural Glow

Labor of Luck

Conquer With Inaction


Dream With Open Eyes

In the Midst

Last Time

 ĽO ka Hale o Pele



Brushed Lands

Even Flow

Dream Come True


Dark Tranquility


Fresh New Look

Live Immediately


Two Sides

Carved in Stone

How Long We Wait


The Spirit Carries On


Icy Pilgrimage

Sleeping Giants